Our undergraduate programmes are widely admired. The academic staff of the Department of Crystallography SPbU offers a very well supported and personal experience. Our students join a friendly and supportive group of qualified teachers and solid researchers, whose interest span the whole of modern crystallography, mineralogy, and structural chemistry.

Crystallography education programmes focus mainly on improving of fundamental understanding of crystal chemistry. The aim is to use the research results of our experienced academic staff in teaching and learning of crystallography and to develop novel efficient pedagogical approaches for education of modern generations of students by saving and keeping the experitse of the internationally recognized St Peteresburg school of crystallography.

The main directions of the research at the Department are the following:

  • Mineralogical crystallography
    (Prof. S.V. Krivovichev, Prof. O.I. Siidra, Assoc. Prof. A.A. Zolotarev)
  • Crystal Chemistry of uranium compounds
    (Assoc. Prof. V.V. Gurzhiy, Assoc. Prof. E.V. Nazarchuk)
  • Biomineralogy and organic mineralogy
    (Prof. O.V. Frank-Kamenetskaya, Prof. E.N. Kotelnikova, Dr. A.R. Izatulina)
  • Crystal chemistry of borates and borosilicates
    (Prof. S.K. Filatov, Prof. R.S. Bubnova, Assoc. Prof. M.G. Krzhizhanovskaya)
  • Cosmic mineralogy
    (Prof. S.N. Britvin)
  • In accordance with the main scientific areas developing by our researh leaders, the Department of Crystallography SPbU offers the following courses:

  • Fundametals of crystallography
  • Crystal chemistry
  • Crystal physics
  • Crystal optics
  • Crystallogenesis
  • Synthesis of crystalline solids
  • Structural mineralogy
  • Natural materials
  • Biomineralogy
  • Powder X-ray diffraction analysis
  • Rietveld method
  • Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis
  • Crystallographic (Federov) space groups
  • Crystal chemistry at extreme conditions
  • Crystal chemistry of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste
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    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.